At PIBCOA – Pain, Injury & Brain Centers of America LLC., we offer a special treatment previously used by professional athletes and not widely available to the general public. Performing A. I. Myoneurvascular Therapy, we can effectively increase the body’s ability to heal 5 times the normal rate (500%), and deliver a 95% success rate to our patients! Our equipment works with your condition to increase healing of the body at an accelerated rate!

Tim Bingham has always possessed an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to help others. After suffering through an athletic injury, he was fortunate enough to find PIBCOA – Pain, Injury, and Brain Centers of America and, with their help, receive positive treatment. It was then that he made it his mission to help others in need to find that same healing. Today, he is the owner of PIBCOA Mesa and dedicated to advancing its mission of revolutionizing healthcare.

Tim possesses nearly two decades of experience in business leadership and management for various industries and in various roles. Whether as vice president or chief operations officer or founder, his expertise has produced significant growth in sales, increases in customer and client engagement, and expansion of staff and operations. In his role with PIBCOA, Tim aims to deliver the same results in order to help bring the life-changing PIBCOA therapy option to more and more people across the Valley of the Sun and help others resume their lives, pain-free.

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