At PIBCOA – Pain, Injury & Brain Centers of America LLC., we offer a special treatment previously used by professional athletes and not widely available to the general public. Performing A. I. Myoneurvascular Therapy, we can effectively increase the body’s ability to heal 5 times the normal rate (500%), and deliver a 95% success rate to our patients! Our equipment works with your condition to increase healing of the body at an accelerated rate!

Katie knew from the age of 10 that she wanted to be involved in healthcare and help people. She began her journey providing care as a CNA and soon accomplished her dream of becoming an RN with 20 years of experience in the healthcare field.

Recently, Katie began to struggle with her own health issues. Food allergies and eczema opened her mind to alternative therapies and treatment modalities that provided real and much needed relief. When she discovered the successes those who have received treatments through PIBCOA she thought of so many in her family, those in her church, her friends and neighbors who could benefit from this therapy if it were closer to home, in the Boise area. She felt it would bless the lives of so many. This led her to joining the PIBCOA mission in bringing this revolutionary option of restorative care to her community.

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23:14 12 Feb 20
I’m excited to discover this treatment. Have a lot of lung scarring from years and years of pneumonia and... bronchitis. Found out about this treatment and it’s ability to heal. Excited to try something new and different as medical doctors cannot do anything to help lung scarring. I’ve been doing the treatments for a couple of weeks now and really love Katie Jones and really feel like the treatments are making some good progress on my breathing. Along with that I am sure it’s helping with several areas of my body and I am really excited to get healthy. I am excited to see the changes as a progress in the treatments! Great office, great professionalism, and lots of hope!read more
Katie Jones
Katie Jones
18:33 02 Nov 19
I hurt my shoulder snowboarding a few years ago and it's bothered me ever since. Chiropractic adjustments helped a bit,... but it still gives me trouble and hurts, especially at night when I'm trying to sleep. After a few treatments on my should I've noticed it feels so much better and I have increased range of motion. Their clinician, Mackenzie, has been great to work with and I feel so much better when I'm done with a treatment. I'm sleeping better to! Can't wait to hit the slopes again this season! Thanks!!!!read more
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