About Us

PIBCOA — The Pain, Injury & Brain Centers of America — was founded in 2009 with the mission to make this treatment approach available to everyone rather than a select few.

Our unique treatment is centered on finding the lack of electrical production and conductivity in the brain and body and attempting to restore the cells to a healthy, regenerative state. With this simple but powerful doctrine at the core, we have spent the last several years on furthering development of protocols for treating the specific symptoms of many conditions and disease processes.

Today, we treat symptoms associated with a wide variety of conditions such as concussions, sports injuries, neck and back pain, migraines, chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia, lupus, arthritis, addiction, autism, ADHD, crohn’s disease, depression, insomnia and many more. PIBCOA treatments attempt to reduce pain, increase range of motion, treat symptoms of diseases, and accelerate post-surgical healing often more quickly than other treatment approaches.

Our mission is to bring unique A.I Myoneurvascular treatments to the millions of people suffering from diseases and conditions that are broadly considered untreatable. We desire to give hope to the hopeless and lift the hands that hang down. To accomplish this mission, we are expanding across the country though our PIBCOA membership program through healthcare systems and independent practitioners. PIBCOA services are a complementary addition to any healthcare practice, providing another set of tools to a healthcare practitioners’ toolbox. PIBCOA clinics can also be owned by outstanding entrepreneurs.

We are proud of the variety of backgrounds in the ownership of our clinics, and stand united in passionately working toward accomplishing a singular goal: attempting to alleviate the suffering of the millions, provide relief, and restore vitality and health — one person, one treatment, and one disease process at a time.